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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Life is good!

Dear readers: Oh, how I remember you all! We will connect regularly soon. So much has happened since our last time together and I thought it would be fun to update you on our transition and bring you into the excitement.

It's been 9 months since we last spoke. Much has changed. Much is looking good as my husband and I move forward to this next phase of our life. Do homes determine our phases? I think they do, starting with newlywed apartments and ending with downsized living and all in between. In a nutshell over the past months we have:

* Had a major, successful yard sale thanks to networking on the internet. It was Huge work but my heavens, we purged. We have no regrets. We made some awesome cash, enough to pay for a houseful of new appliances when we move.
*We sold our home in five days. Shockwaves ensued but we got out of there on time and are now living in a teensy, cute apartment which at this point has lost it's glow for me.
*Our plan to build the carriage house on our daughter's property was snob zoned to hell. There were so many roadblocks by her town that it was just impossible in the end. Their  town is adamant about not having any properties that could possibly be used as apartment rentals by the next owner. We gave up and went to plan B, which was fine and best in the end.
*After months of looking, pain in the ass, we found our new home. It is a dated mid century ranch in a lovely neighborhood and is a lakefront property. We are on the water once again and will have the wildlife reports returning! Bears and herons reside there and we have lovely views of the lake from large windows, but very private feeling.
*We hope to move by April but are doing major remodeling, all new doors, trim, floors, kitchen, painting, etc. It's been a fun challenge and DH and I have all the choices made and construction is proceeding. All this is being done while we still live in NY in our teeny apartment, yuk, states away. Our children are a tremendous help here and we have a property manager to oversee things.

So life is moving along. We are both still working here and going back and forth on weekends. It is a full schedule.

I HAVE HAD NO TIME TO SEW ONE SINGLE THING! I originally thought of how I could make sewing work in this apartment but have frankly, given up. Just too frustrating. Being in such a tiny space has made us get into field trip mode. We have no current house responsibilities like plowing, mowing, etc and no space to do anything else so we take field trips every weekend. That, dealing with our new home, and working at making decent food in a teeny kitchen have been how all spare time is spent. We so look forward to moving and getting back to what we love to do, both of us. My husband and I are homebodies, have always been. We are not partiers, golfers, skiers or travelers. We love to fix up our homes. We garden. We decorate. We plan projects. We work together with our ideas and separately with our individual skill sets. It is what we enjoy and figure around April we will be back in the saddle. Can't wait!

My decision to not write about moving details and angst continues. You do not come here for that sort of experience. So until this process is complete there won't be posts on how to lay out cabinets, budget with a GC or set back splash tiles. If something is nice I'll try to share photos later on up the road.  While we haven't knocked down walls this is a gut job in every other way, new floors, ceilings, walls, trim, lights, kitchen, doors, etc. The list goes expensively on. This is a smaller home in many ways but one with attributes our last home did not have. It is the right home for us.

In the meantime I am planning on updating the blog, freshening things up and getting back to communicating with like minded lovers of sewing, fashion, and  other creative passions. More to come on that. I am shooting for a clean, easy to read look. We will see what happens and any suggestions are appreciated. The blogroll will be updated as well.

I can't tell you how it warmed my heart to get emails from some of you asking about how things were going. You shared the excitement of your latest projects. You asked for sewing advice. We have had some great convos and I have seen some amazing work through the emails you've sent. Thank you for searching me out, for your caring, and sincere interest. Please be patient as we work through the last phase of our adventure. I am excited about getting back to blogging, sewing and a creative mindset. Life is good and we move on.........................Bunny

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