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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I'm going to be straight up here. I had this muslin half done about 4 weeks ago. It has been a long time. I haven't touched it since. Then the life changing phone call came, a really good one. Long story short....we will be moving, at least as soon as we sell the house and have the next one constructed.  We now have a definite future home and are beyond excited as are our children. In the meantime it is full bore on purging, painting and constant cleaning. The big yard sale will happen in two weeks. We hope to take as little with us as possible when we move. It will have us leaving very upstate New York on the Canadian border and moving to one of the loveliest Boston suburbs on the North Shore. This decision was as sudden as a phone call from our oldest daughter and husband asking us  to consider building a carriage house on their property and making it our permanent home. Two totally separate residences barely connected by a ghost space. Our home will be brand new. It will be almost the same square footage as we have now  minus the big storage we have here but will not need in the future. It will have a large loft that will be for my sewing. DSIL took his architectural studies and designed a really gorgeous small property that will be in line with the classic New England neighborhood we will be living in.  We are thrilled.

That muslin is getting so ignored. If things settle down here, I will get back to sewing and blogging but for now it is full bore on our future. I am not sure when that will be. I just know I look forward to doing both again, the sooner the better. Property up here is really  slow to move. It is a beautiful beautiful area of the country as you all know from the many pictures I've shown over the years but there is little industry and people are not rushing to move up here other than for retirement and second homes, lots of second homes.  It is quiet, laid back, and a gift from Mother Nature. Culture and the arts are close by as we have six  universitities within 35 miles and Montreal and Ottawa are an hour away.

My husband will be the first to tell you that when I focus on something, I FOCUS and nothing else gets in the way. That's where I am with this move. It is consuming me but I know it will be temporary.

I so look forward to warmer weather.

I so look forward to returning to the Cape Cod/New Hampshire/ greater Boston area, our old stomping grounds. I know there are many sewists there, none at all here.

I so look forward to being so close to our children and grandchildren and their wonderful husbands.

I look so forward to really good food and really good restaurants.

I so look forward to diversity and all that it contributes to a wonderful life.

I so look forward to meeting sewing friends.

I so look forward to not having boots in piles at the back door all winter.

I so look forward to designing an interior with my SIL and husband and starting all new.

I will miss the laid back life that is offered here.

I will miss the amazing friends we have made.

I will miss the best job ever. Maybe I'll really retire this time??/

I will miss our wildlife and the beauty we live in.

Right now I miss talking with you all. I miss sewing. I miss planning wardrobe excitement and learning and trying new sewing techniques. I miss sharing them with you, too. I continue to help out newbies through Facebook groups and an occasional post on PR. At least I hope I am helping!

I am not going to write this post like it is the last ever, but I am writing to let you share in what is happening. I value all of you so very much and so many have become such a great part of my life.  I look forward to staying in touch  with you all as I can and will in the future. I look forward to sewing in a new space, one that we will share and hopefully enjoy together. Love you all,,,,,,,,,,,Bunny

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